Thomas Chelseas Bio

Thomas Then

As the co-founder and CEO of Dynamic Fitness, Thomas Then’s mission is to empower people to get out of their comfort zone and accomplish anything they desire most for their life. Thomas was born and raised in Northeast Florida, which is part of the reason why he spends most of his free time outside or out on the water with Chelsea and his 12 year old Pitbull Zeus. To feed his love for adrenaline and for the outdoors, Thomas enjoys spending time driving at the racetrack and shredding up his local waterways on his Jet Skis. As a successful entrepreneur, he is living his own life by design everyday, and it is his goal in life to help others do the same and achieve true freedom.

With a free-spirit fueled by ambition, Thomas was naturally led to become an entrepreneur at an early age. Starting his first business at only 18 years old, he has had over 16 years of success in many different ventures. Thomas’s expertise are in both service and sales related business’s, driving millions of dollars in sales annually all across the world. Also, with his experience in fitness as a Certified Personal Trainer, he has been helping people formulate effective exercise and nutrition plans for over 15 years and absolutely loves seeing people achieve their biggest goals. Thomas is also a co-founder, with one of his best friends, of a non-profit called Tomorrows Future Foundation, which focuses on tomorrow’s future by empowering today’s children.

“Dynamic Fitness is a perfect marriage of all my favorite things, not only helping people get in the best physical shape of their lives, but also being a catalyst to empower people to dream big, work hard, and realize that they can accomplish absolutely anything.” Thomas also whole-heartedly believes in the power of having a great team, which is why he is so grateful for his partners, Chelsea and David. He has no doubt that together, along with all the other Dynamic Fitness members and future affiliates, they will make a massive positive impact in peoples lives.

Chelsea Nile

Co-founder and co-owner of Dynamic Fitness, Chelsea Nile is a fitness and nutrition expert and a full time entrepreneur, committed to helping people take back control of their lives. Chelsea was raised in the Caribbean and later moved to Central Florida with her family, staying there until she moved up to Northeast Florida for University in 2009. She currently resides there with Thomas and enjoys all things outdoors, sports, and adventure.

While going to University for Nutrition and Dietetics and working as a personal trainer, Chelsea started her first business, and quickly realized the impact that business could have on her future. Within her first year of business, she was recognized as one of the Top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs in her field, and helped thousands of people take back control of their lives, physically and financially. Today, she and Thomas have a global business, working with people all around the world. Chelsea’s passion is to help people realize their true value and build confidence within them to know that they too can accomplish anything they set their minds to. Chelsea attributes her success at a young age to not only being coachable and teachable when she first got started, but most importantly to God for guiding her all these years and giving her the big dreams she has today.

With Chelsea’s vast experience in business and fitness, along with her holistic upbringing, she brings a unique perspective to what Dynamic Fitness has to offer. “Being partnered with Thomas and David I know there is nothing we can’t do, and together, we will help to change thousands and thousands of lives all across the world through our mission here at Dynamic Fitness.” Chelsea is more motivated than ever before to not only build this into an empire, but to help as many people as possible become healthy, confident, free, and create their own life by design!

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