Competition Prep Training Guide


Are you thinking about competing and doing your first show?? Or have you competed in the past and are looking to have the winning edge at your next show?? This highly requested plan can help you do just that!



The Competition Prep Training Guide is a workout plan that focuses on burning fat and building muscle. It is designed to be a guide for you in the gym, and to give you a training split that has PROVEN RESULTS! Both our men and women clients have had incredible results utilizing this training plan as their primary workout routine during their prep. This program does not come with a nutrition plan.


The Competition Prep Training Guide Includes:
• Gym Required
• 8 Weeks of Training Included
• Easy-To-Follow Two Part Plan
• Science-Based & Results Driven Training Methods to Build Muscle, Strength, and Burn Fat
• Cardio Guide
• Exercise Movement Tutorials Included
• Stretching and Recovery Guide
• Exclusive Discounts & Referral Incentives
• Private Log-In Portal Online For Entire Plan
• Community Support
• Access to Discounted Posing Coaching After Purchase


* Also please keep in mind, as with any training program, nutrition is key to seeing the absolute best results. If you feel you could benefit from having that nutritional guidance to help accelerate your results, we encourage you take a look at all the nutrition plans we offer! Or check out our Competition Prep Bundle to save money and get the best results!

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Training Guide Only, Guide Plus Posing Coaching 30 min session

2 thoughts on “Competition Prep Training Guide

  1. “I am 65 years old and I have been a member of Dynamic Fitness for 8 months. I’ve lost 22 pounds, gained strength, stamina, mobility and balance. I’ve had several trainers in the last 10 years but none of them even come close to having the knowledge, commitment to customers, and positive attitude of David Kampfe.”
    -Terry I, Dynamic Fitness Client

  2. “I was just sick and tired of being ‘sick and tired.’ I made a lot of excuses. I’m too busy. I don’t have time. I’m already in shape; round is a shape. I’m REALLY not that fat. I have hypothyroid, I’ll never lose weight. The biggest excuse I had to admit to myself is: I’m really not worth it. I learned from Dynamic Fitness, when I made excuses for other things I was really saying…”I’m not worth it.” I’m not worth one hour in my day to relax. I’m not worth one hour in my day to rejuvenate. I’m not worth one hour in my day to reconnect. I’m not worth one hour in my day to improve. But I am. I am a good and valuable person. And I am worth it. It’s not easy battling the excuses, but I had a choice. Continue to feel sick and tired or do something about it. When I made the choice to change, Dynamic Fitness was there to help me move toward my personal goal. They have the resources and the knowledge to kick your ass and make you love it!! Yes, I have lost weight but I am gaining a healthy lifestyle. I couldn’t have done it by myself.”
    -Leo M, Dynamic Fitness Client

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