Customized Diet [For Any Goal]


Our nutrition experts at Dynamic Fitness have put this plan together for those of you who are looking to make a change with your eating habits but just don't know where to start, and also for those of you who already enjoy a healthy lifestyle and want to get even more dialed in with your diet.




If what you have been doing isn’t working or getting you the results you want, then take a look to see how this plan can help you finally reach your goals!


The Customized Diet is just that. A results driven and science-based nutritional guide that is customized based on your goals and what you want to achieve from your nutrition. We give you your custom macronutrient numbers to follow, and all the tools you need to support you on this whole food way of eating. This plan is for anybody, and any BODY that is wanting to transform and make their health the top priority it deserves to be!


The Customize Diet Includes:
• For Any Body Type or Fitness Level
• Full 60 Day Meal Plan
• Custom Macros Based On Your Goals
• Nutritional Guide With Acceptable Foods List & Meal Timing
• Hydration Protocol
• Checklists For Shopping
• Meal Prep Tips and Instructions
• Exclusive Discounts & Referral Incentives
• Private Log-In Portal Online For Entire Plan
• Community Support

2 thoughts on “Customized Diet [For Any Goal]

  1. “Before working with Dynamic fitness I had struggled, spinning my wheels making some progress but nothing that was sustainable or that lasted longer than a couple months. My goals were not to lose a lot of weight as I struggled with an eating disorder. I saw food as something torturous. And I saw eating as something that I had to do but never wanted to do. I was at a very unhealthy place in my life. I was referred to David by a friend of mine who had recommended I find a nutritional coach in order to educate me on the purposes of eating the right foods at the right times. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t reluctant to think, “how could a personal trainer help me with something like that??” However, after just two weeks of listening to David’s advice on how to approach eating, I could start to see a shift in my body language and my mindset towards food. David gave me simple steps that helped me develop a positive relationship with the food I was eating and slowly but surely I was looking forward to my next nutritious and delicious meal. I worked with David for six months and overcame an eating disorder that affected my life for the previous 10 years. To this day David still checks in with me regularly to make sure that I am staying on track. I still remind myself of his positive, constructive criticism and can hear him in the back of my mind reminding me why I’m doing what I’m doing. I would highly recommend David to anyone looking to change their lifestyle, whether
    that’s from a performance standpoint or a mental and emotional standpoint. This guy really knows his stuff inside and out and cares about the success of his clients so much. I am forever grateful for the impact and influence that he has had on my life.”
    -Michelle, Dynamic Fitness Client

  2. “Abs are made in the gym but seen in the kitchen” is what David once told me! I have been a client of his for over 5 plus years now. He was originally my strengthening and conditioning personal trainer for track and field, which allowed me to obtain top 4 in FL for the 400 meter dash back in high school. Dedication, vision and having wholeness in endurance are just a few of the many things I learned being under David. Reconnecting with him in December of 2016, I began to explain my desires to become healthier and have more energy for daily life. Being that I am a pageant queen (former National American Miss: Miss Jacksonville title holder) and currently training to obtain the title of Miss Jacksonville USA, my goals for my physique and better energy were immediately put into action by David. And let me tell you, I have become a quicker, stronger, healthier and happier individual! 15 pounds lost, with a total of 25 pounds lost to date. I think it is safe to say, I am even better than my track days! All in all, if you desire to receive total body strength, endurance, & tailored goal setting for a better you, I strongly recommend for you to join Dynamic Fitness! Thank you David for all you have done over the years! P.S. They even provide a tailored meal plan for your personal goals. It doesn’t get any better than that!”
    -S.Scruggs, Dynamic Fitness Client

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