Keto Challenge


What is Keto?? Keto (or the Ketogenic Diet) is a high fat, moderate protein, low-carb way of eating to help the body burn fat for fuel, reduce inflammation, and boost mental acuity, just to name a few of the incredible health benefits. Dynamic Fitness’s KETO CHALLENGE is years of research, knowledge, and experience in a simple to follow online program, created to help you achieve the absolute best results possible on Keto!

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This challenge was designed to help you do Keto/LCHF the right way. For the first 30 days, all unhealthy, inflammatory, gut-disrupting, hormone-unbalancing foods will be removed, and we replace those with REAL whole foods naturally low in carbs that will eliminate cravings, naturally detox the body, accelerate your fat loss, and improve your overall energy. Our Keto Challenge will help you learn discipline and become an expert at taking control of your own health and well-being!
This meal plan is for any body type or fitness level, and is ideal for fast fat loss, having high energy and an optimally functioning body! Join the 30-Day KETO CHALLENGE today! 
The Keto Challenge Includes:
  • Kickstart To Keto Playbook
  • Customized Macros Based On Your Goals
  • Nutritional Guide With Acceptable Foods List 
  • Intermittent Fasting and Meal Timing
  • Hydration Protocol
  • Checklists For Shopping
  • How To Overcome and Avoid The “Keto Flu”
  • 7 Day Example Meal Plan with Recipes
  • Weekly Exercises with Video Tutorials
  • Exclusive Discounts & Referral Incentives
  • Private Log-In Portal Online For Entire Plan
  • Access To Members Only Private FB Group
  • Community Support

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