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If you have been on a Keto/LCHF diet for a while now, or you are wanting to try it for the first time, let us coach you through it the correct way for the best results possible! Whether your goal is sustainable fat loss, building quality muscle, or a healthy lifestyle and diet you can adhere to long term, we can help you reach your goal.

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Our Private Coaching programs are never cookie-cutter or standardized. This Keto Coaching plan is not just a generic Ketogenic diet “meal plan” with basic macros and templated meals. This is 100% custom to YOU and your goals. Every plan is custom tailored to our customers, because this process is about establishing healthy habits and making sustainable personal lifestyle changes for the long term. We help you optimize your lifestyle and dial in diet and exercise.
There is no prerequisite knowledge needed – only the desire to take action. We work with clients from all over the world with various levels of knowledge and experience, with men and women of all ages. From absolute beginners to advanced dieters, we enjoy coaching anyone with the desire to make positive, lasting changes in their life.
The 8 Week Keto Coaching Includes: 
  • 60 minute Skype/phone consultation with David to discuss current physique and goals, followed by a detailed questionnaire to formulate your custom plan.
  • A personal Keto Coach for 8 weeks.
  • How to overcome and avoid the “keto flu”. 
  • Customized macronutrients to follow based on your goals, body type, and activity level.
  • Meal ideas and planning, with shopping lists included.
  • Lifestyle adjustments for better overall results and health.
  • Individual workout plan with video tutorials, tailored to your activity level, experience, and goals.
  • Unlimited emails and questions to your coach. 
  • Weekly check-ins to gauge progress and make adjustments. 
  • How and when to introduce carbs correctly, and how to properly detox the body. 
  • Customized supplementation and hydration protocol. 
  • Community support.
  • Exclusive discounts and referral incentives. 
*Have a spouse, family member, or friend that wants to have a Keto Coach and do this along side of you!? Contact us now for exclusive discounts for the second Keto Coaching program! 

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