Private Coaching | Heat Athlete 12 Week Custom Plan


If you're looking to maximize your athletic potential, a generic training program won’t help you reach your sport specific performance goals. But that’s exactly where Dynamic Fitness’s exclusive HEAT Athlete platform sets itself apart. Prior to getting started there is a free scheduled call where we discuss your goals so that your program is customized to fit your needs.




Whether you’re in middle school, high school, or collage looking to maximize your athletic potential, HEAT Athlete programs will set you apart by helping to improve your speed, power, strength, endurance, balance and recovery. HEAT is a science-based training method that focuses on enhancing performance level. Let HEAT Athlete lead you to the top of your game and become the best athlete you can be!


The HEAT Athlete 12 Week Custom Plan Includes:
• Full 12 Week Program
• Gym Required
• Customized Nutrition Plan
• Customized Training Plan to Improve Athletic Performance At Your Sport & Specific Position
• Focused on Improving: Speed, Strength, Endurance, Balance, Stability, Recovery, & Flexibility
• Customized Supplementation and Hydration Protocol
• Ongoing Physique Assessments To Ensure Proper Progress
• Ongoing Training and Nutrition Updates (subject to change per weekly check-ins)
• Weekly Email and Phone Call Check-Ins and Updates
• Exercise Movement Tutorials Included
• Stretching and Recovery Guide
• Exclusive Discounts & Referral Incentives
• HEAT Athlete Swag Included
• Community Support

3 thoughts on “Private Coaching | Heat Athlete 12 Week Custom Plan

  1. “I can’t thank David enough for working our daughter Michelle out and preparing her for softball the past 3 seasons. The increases in strength and confidence she has gained from working out with you has been incredible. Her success and division I scholarship can be directly contributed to your workouts.”
    -Paul L, Heat Athlete Parent

  2. “I have no doubt that because of the hard work and training provided to her by David and his HEAT Athlete Program, that our daughter was able to make this significant adjustment from a High School level soccer player to a Division 1 College athlete. He is without a doubt one of the best trainers that I know of for aspiring College Athletes like our daughter. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for someone to provide similar services.”
    -Dana G, HEAT Athlete Parent

  3. “Not only did David help my son improve his athletic performance he has been a role model that my son has needed dearly in his life giving him direction, purpose and encouragement. We started with David with just a hope that there might be a chance for our son to be an All Conference Athlete, now he has become an Allstate Athlete and is going to be able to play Division I college soccer! David has gone above and beyond any expectation we had for a trainer.”
    -Marie, HEAT Athlete Parent

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