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At Dynamic Fitness you will find programs that are all created to help move you forward, and help you achieve any goal you set! Our three pillars - MIND, BODY, and NUTRITION are the core of everything we create, so that we can help you truly
live life to your fullest potential!


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Real People. Real Lasting Results.

We have helped thousands of people just like you accomplish their biggest goals. From better overall health to a toned and fit body, we can help you too! Whether you're just starting your journey or you are trying to take your fitness to the next level, you will find exactly what you need to get you there with any of our programs. View more...

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We have helped thousands of people transform their mind, body, and nutrition. People just like you. Our PROVEN system worked for them and can work for you too!

Programs start as low as $6.25 a week so you can’t lose!

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Competition Prep

Tracy Hensley, Posing practices for first show.


Troy Graham Before & After

“Dynamic Fitness and David Kampfe has impacted my life in an abundance of ways physically, mentally and emotionally. I wouldn't be where I am today without his impact and influence on my life.”


Before & After

Nikki Transformation Progress


Before & After

“Dynamic Fitness & David didn't only transform my body, but my mindset as well. I have learned so much and lost more than 30lbs in the process. David also wrote all my custom diets and I am a vegan competitor!”


Before & After

Nikki Transformation Results

@Chris Before & After

Chris Rojas

Chris Rojas Before & After

Why Choose Dynamic Fitness?

Our Mission is Moving You Forward...

Here at Dynamic Fitness our sole passion and inspiration is YOU! Moving you forward in life is the key factor to everything we create. Because let’s be honest, the ultimate goal is to have overall health and wellbeing, not just to “have the perfect physique”. If we don’t have our health we have nothing! We can help you move forward with your goals and achieve a life by your own design!

The core values of Dynamic Fitness are:

  • Health FIRST approach. Period.
  • Moving YOU forward in life.
  • Be fit to take on life to the fullest, not just to look good.
  • Results-driven fitness and nutrition.
  • Honesty and integrity above all else.
  • Healthy Mind + Fit Body + Whole Nutrition is the equation to a fulfilled life.
  • Helping you to fall in love with taking care of the ONE body you were given!

See What Other’s Have to Say…


Dynamic Fitness Client
“I know everyone's fitness goal is different and David is the best in helping you get there! Thank you so much David and Dynamic Fitness.”

Carla A

Vegan Competitor
“Through David's guidance I was able to burn fat and build muscle, changing both my physique and improving my confidence!”

Christopher R

Dynamic Fitness Client
"I am just beginning, and loosing 120 pounds has only motivated me to see how much farther we can take this!”